Dr. Carolyn West travels internationally to offer keynote addresses and lead educational workshops on such topics as 

  • Gendered Violence in the African American Community
  • Images of Black Women in Pornography
  • Women of Color and the Practice of Self Care
  • Stereotypes Women of Color Experience on College Campuses
  • African American Girls and Commercial Sexual Exploitation
  • Strategies to “Escape the Cape” of Invincibility and Reconnect with Authenticity

She is a recognized academic, clinician, and advocate, delivering keynote addresses, conducting workshops, and customizing innovative training material to educate and equip professionals with the skills needed to provide culturally sensitive services to survivors of gendered violence. 

To invite Dr. West to speak at your event, lead a workshop to your organization, or show her documentary film at your event, please make your inquiry via her CONTACT FORM.

Recent Workshops

Widening the Lens: Intimate Partner Violence and Black Women (20 Oct 2020)

West, C. M. (2020, October). Widening the lens: Intimate partner violence and Black women. Webinar at YWCA Week Without Violence.

Escape the Cape

The Strong or Angry Black Woman; The hot Latina; Pocahontas; the Serious, Studious Asian…we will explore the stereotypes and oppressive images that Women of Color encounter on campus. Then we will discuss strategies to “Escape the Cape” of invincibility, practice self-care, and connect/reconnect with our authentic voices.
Escape the Cape is interactive and dynamic. Participants will leave engaged and transformed.

Review of Escape the Cape
“The first session I attended was a group discussion with Dr. Carolyn West about women having to escape the cape…The session was very emotional for me and many of the other women who attended and I loved that…”

Read this extensive review: 2019 Dr West Escape the Cape Review Womxn Being Womxn – KTSW 89 (1) 

Battered, Black and Blue

Battered, Black and Blue: Gendered Violence in the African American Community

Does your organization need a more culturally responsive domestic violence/sexual assault training?

Dr. West’s clinical, research, and advocacy work regarding the experiences of violence against African American women in the United States provides a unique historical perspective to gendered violence as it exists today. Her conference presentation will highlight her work examining the social and historical factors contributing to the overrepresentation of Blacks and African Americans among the victims and perpetrators of interpersonal violence from a feminist perspective. Specifically, Dr. West will educate attendees on the unique experiences of structural inequalities that contribute to Black, African American, and immigrant women’s experiences of violence in everyday life with a focus on recommendations for culturally-informed policy and practice.

Reviews of Black and Blue:

What did you find most valuable?

Here’s what audience members said:

“Phenomenal day! Carolyn’s presentation absolutely fantastic.”

“Carolyn West’s presentation-excellent! Dr. West should have been offered a full morning or day to present.”

“All the talks were excellent, but Dr. West’s stood out as particularly good.”

Combatting Campus Rape and Sexual Harassment

At the age of 23, Dr. West became a victim of academic sexual harassment. After several unsuccessful attempts to resolve the problem within the university judicial system, she mobilized other students, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and a lawsuit…and WON! This workshop is designed to teach organizations and students about campus activism and the healing process for survivors of color.

Read Dr. West’s inspiring story:

West, C. M., (2010). 2010 Resistance as recovery winning a sexual harassment complaint In A. White (Ed.), African Americans doing feminism: Putting theory into everyday practice (pp. 175-188). New York: State University of New York Press.

1991 professor_resigns_under_fire

Watch Dr. West share her story with students.
UW Tacoma – Fail Forward Panel

Black Girlhood Interrupted: Understanding Pornography’s Impact on Sexual Violence in the Lives of Black Girls and Women

The docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly left viewers asking: How could a popular singer allegedly produce child pornography that featured degrading acts involving Black girls and women? The reality is that these images are pervasive in the media and culture.

Part 1 will feature “Let me tell ya’ll ‘bout Black chicks: Images of Black women in pornography,” a searing documentary that unpacks the historical origins of the images found in contemporary pornography and identifies how these representations promote sexual violence against Black girls. Attendees will identify racial stereotypes in pornography and identify ways to promote healthy sexuality among Black girls and women.

In Part 2, interactive exercises and case studies, which incorporate an understanding of pornography, will be used to teach attendees concrete and practical strategies to provide culturally responsive services to Black sexual assault survivors in the criminal justice and mental health settings. Specifically, attendees will identify prevalence rates and risk factors for sexual victimization in the lives of Black girls and women and will learn prevention and intervention strategies that are evidence-based and culturally responsive.