Let Me Tell Ya’ll ‘Bout Black Chicks: Images of Black Women in Pornography

Dr. Carolyn West is a nationally recognized researcher on the negative psychological impact of media images on Black women. She is writer/producer of the upcoming documentary Let Me Tell Ya’ll ‘Bout Black Chicks: Images of Black Women in Pornography.


The docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, left viewers asking: How could a popular singer allegedly produce child pornography that featured degrading acts involving Black girls and women?

The reality is that these images are pervasive in the media and the culture. Based on her groundbreaking content analysis of more than 4,000 adult film covers and packaging and decades of developing compelling slide presentations, Let Me Tell Ya’ll ‘Bout Black Chicks: Images of Black Women in Pornography is a searing illustrated multimedia presentation.

Focusing directly on images of contemporary pornography and various forms of sexualized media, including music videos, she asks some basic questions: How does these images shape masculinity and sexuality?

How do these images shape how the culture views Black women and how do these images influence how Black women view themselves?

Along the way, Dr. West explores the historical origins of the images and helps the viewer to identify how racial stereotypes in pornography promotes sexual violence against Black girls and women.

Let Me Tell Ya’ll ‘Bout Black Chicks is an indispensable educational tool that offers concrete ideas for all of us—parents, young women and men, community members, and activists—to envision new ways to prevent sexual assault, promote healthy sexuality, and combat hypersexualized images.

It is essential viewing for college courses that examine popular culture, sexuality, and sexual violence. The film also can be used by domestic violence and sexual assault agencies to understand sexual violence in the lives of Black women.

Trailer for Let Me Tell Ya’ll Bout Black Chicks: Images of Black Women in Pornography by Dr. Carolyn West

Trigger Warning: Adult Content

Watch Dr. West give a research lecture on pornography

Trigger Warning: Adult Content

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Let Me Tell Ya’ll ‘Bout Black Chicks: Images of Black Women in Pornography has been screened at universities and colleges and violence organizations around the country and internationally.

West, C. M. (2020, December). From Black Lives Matter to Black Wives Matter: Exploring how pornography has sexualized social justice movements. University of Washington Tacoma Grit City Think and Drink.

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