Dr. Carolyn West

is an award-winning author, filmmaker, keynote speaker, and Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington. She is devoted to creating inspirational films, presentations, workshops and trainings that empower domestic violence and sexual assault survivors during their healing journey, and that educate and equip professionals with the skills to provide culturally sensitive services. She has travelled internationally to consult, lecture, and deliver training seminars on topics related to intimate partner violence and sexual assault, as well as providing expert witness services to the legal community.

Dr. West’s documentary film Let Me Tell Ya’ll Bout Black Chicks: Images of Black Women in Pornography has been shown at colleges and universities across North America, stirring impactful conversations that empower people, especially Black women whose experiences of domestic violence and sexual assualt have been often overlooked.

On any given day, you might find Dr. West delivering a keynote address at a domestic violence conference, speaking at a university, showing her documentary film at a community human trafficking awareness event, advising organizations on culturally sensitive practices, or teaching psychology and sexuality classes at the University of Washington.

Dr. Carolyn West travels internationally to offer keynote addresses and lead educational workshops on such topics as:

  • Gendered Violence in the African American Community
  • Images of Black Women in Pornography
  • Women of Color and the Practice of Self Care
  • Stereotypes Women of Color Experience on College Campuses
  • African American Girls and Commercial Sexual Exploitation
  • Strategies to “Escape the Cape” of Invincibility and Reconnect with Authenticity

Dr. Carolyn West is a recognized academic and advocate, delivering keynote addresses, conducting workshops, and customizing innovative training material to educate and equip professionals with the skills needed to provide culturally sensitive services to survivors of gendered violence. 

To invite Dr. West to speak at your event, lead a workshop to your organization, or show her documentary film at your event, please make your inquiry via her CONTACT FORM.

On a Personal Note…

In her spare time, Dr. West is an aspiring cowgirl who enjoys horseback riding, hiking, and camping. Occasionally, she jumps out of a perfectly good airplane.